Contact & Sales - colin callahan

Contact: If you would like to send me a message, please use my email

Copyright: As with all paintings the artist owns the rights to the image.  If the painting is sold, the artist maintains the rights to the image while the buyer owns only the painting.  All reproduction of any painting must have the permission of the artist.  Some works can be sold with the copyright through special arrangements.

Prices:   (all prices listed below are unframed) Prices are determined by size.

Works panel:

8 x 10  $400

11 x 14  $800

16 x 20  $ 1,000

Works on Mylar:

Horizontals: 10 x 34, 12 x 36, 14 x 30  $ ask for quote

Verticals: 22 x 36, 23 x 36, 22.5 x 36, 23 x 36, 24 x 36,  $ask for quote

(off sizes are priced to the nearest dimension)

Copies: Eventually this site will allow you to purchase copies/prints of these paintings.  Purchase of the actual painting can only be done through direct contact with me. Thanks for your interest and patience.

Coming soon: I have chosen this particular website company because they offer the service of selling prints on line.  Once I have all elements in place, such an option will be available.  So stay tuned.


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